About Us

James Paqua
Creator, Grip Drips

James Paqua, creator and inventor of Grip Drips, was born in White Plains, New York and raised on Long Island where he got his start in the construction field. It was there he remembers being on a paint project watching his men struggle to open up a can of paint where the lid was literally glued to the can; watching them go up and down ladders with a paint can in one hand and paint brush in the other trying to balance; and pouring from can into the roller tray while trying to keep excess paint out of the rim or from running down the sides of the can attempting to keep it clean.

As he watched, three ideas came to him at that moment:
1) keep the paint can rim clean for it to properly seal at the end of the day
2) combine the paint brush and paint can as one when not in use with a magnetic holder for the brush
3) have the paint pour directly from the can without getting in the rim or dripping down the sides of the can ("common sense he thought")
After presenting his idea to his wife Emilly, an artist, he asked her to draw a prototype and her response... "give me 20 minutes". And that's where the struggle and drive of being an inventor began. Grip Drips has arrived.