What customers say about Grip Drips....

"Easy to use and keeps the paint can clean!  I’ve used Grip Drips for quick paint touch-ups and larger projects, both of which Grip Drips came in handy and makes the overall painting experience hassle free!  I would definitely recommend to anyone, homeowner or professional."  L. Collins

"Grip Drips is a great painting accessory. I have used it now at least a dozen times and I'm always left thinking what a simple yet effective solution to a common problem it is. No gimmicks or unnecessary features; just a great way to keep the paint can rim clean so your lid seals properly after every use. The magnet is extremely convenient and plenty strong enough to hold the brush even when moving the can. Though there is no specific pouring feature, this really isn't a big deal and pouring is still pretty easy. Most importantly, no paint gets in the rim when pouring. The material seams strong enough for multiple uses while still flexible enough to take on and off easily. The best part is that you can clean and reuse it over and over.  Like I said, I've used mine over a dozen times now and it's still fully functional."  H. Trautwein

Wow what a pleasure to paint out of the can with no mess around the rim and with a magnetic brush holder and you can pour with it.  Nice to open can next day without lid being glued to the can, awesome product!